International Silvia Nursing Programme in Dementia Care

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Advance your career with International Silvia Nursing Programme in Dementia Care, 30 HE credits

Would you like to advance your nursing career with 1-year? From Autumn 2018, one of the worlds’ best specialist nursing education in dementia care will be available online in English for nurses around the world. With an ageing global population, caring for persons with dementia is one of the greatest healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

Why this programme?

  1. Good career opportunities in a fast-growing dementia care market
  2. Evidence-based knowledge
  3. Swedish quality of higher education
  4. Recognised specialist nursing education without leaving your country and work
  5. Active interaction with teachers, personal assignments and feedback via online platform
  6. The title “Silvia Nurse” awarded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden upon successful completion of the programme

International Silvia Nursing Programme in Dementia Care

Type: Nurse specialist university education, 30 HE credits
Target group: Registered nurses or people with Nursing bachelor degree
Duration: 1 year
Format: Part-time (20 hours per week), online studies
Study period: Autumn, 2018 – June, 2019
Fees: 75 000 SEK (incl. VAT) for the whole programme or 13 500 sek for each programme course (see below). It is possible to pay the tuition fee in two instalments four weeks prior to the start of each semester. Please contact us if you would need a scholarship to cover a study fee.

Education providers

The program is offered through a close collaboration between:

Sophiahemmet University Silviahemmet Swedish Care International
Sophiahemmet University – a leading university in nursing and health sciences, founded by HM Queen Sophia in 1896 Stiftelsen Silviahemmet – a centre of excellence in the field of dementia care and education, founded by HM Queen Silvia in 1996 Swedish Care International is a point of contact for international students.

Program description

In Sweden, Silvia Nurse Specialist Nursing Programme in Dementia care is offered since 2008 and it is well recognised across the country.

The focus of the program is on dementia care and the nurse’s role as a coordinator.  The Silvia nurse programme will prepare you to gain knowledge and to understand the ageing process and specific care needs of both younger persons and older persons with dementia including ethical perspectives and a palliative care context. The programme will furthermore prepare you to lead change in dementia care and improve the quality of care provided for persons with dementia and their families.

The program is based on the palliative care philosophy, which builds upon symptom control, communication, teamwork, and support for relatives.

Programme courses

  • Older persons – social gerontological perspectives, 7.5 HE
  • Ethics and palliative care philosophy in dementia care, 7.5 HE
  • Person-centred care in dementia, 7.5 HE
  • Quality improvement and leadership in dementia care, 7.5 HE

Students must successfully undertake all four courses (30 HE) for the award of Silvia Nurse.

Entry Requirements

  • Registered nurse or Bachelor degree in Nursing
  • At least 6 months experience of caring for persons with dementia diseases
  • English language proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS tests or other)

“Before starting my studies, I was looking for a high quality, evidence-based education in the field of dementia care and I am happy that I found it. I am very satisfied and impressed with both the structure and content of the Silvia Nurse program. Currently, I am the manager of a senior care centre in Berlin. The knowledge that I’ve learnt from the program has proved to be very useful and applicable, and I actively apply them as a leader of an interdisciplinary team and in my every day work with people with dementia and their relatives.” Read full interview here

Christine Hamann Christine Hamann
Chief of Operations
Pro Seniore Residenz Wasserstadt
Berlin, Germany


Applications will be assessed based on students’ degree/diploma, work experience in dementia care as a registered nurse, and motivation for applying to the programme. Following documents are required:

  • A verification of Registered Nurse degree/diploma or another certificate of being a Registered Nurse
  • English language proficiency proof (IELTS/TOEFL test or other, read more)
  • A copy of passport
  • CV + letter of intent (LOI).  

Copies of certificates/diplomas or other documents must be verified and translated if it is not in English, Swedish or Norwegian. Read more about document requirements here.

Please contact us below, if you are interested.

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Educational design

The programme is offered through distance learning on a part-time basis via Sophia Education Online (SEO). The part-time program is designed to enable combining work with studies.

There are two semesters in the programme. Each semester runs over a period of 20 weeks with two courses per semester. Each course offers, upon successful completion, 7.5 higher education credits (HE).

The educational approach of the programme is based on student centeredness and student learning through active participation and study motivation. The programme offers online lectures and workshops, carefully planned to allow for high-level academic discussions and learning. To ensure high quality, research proximity and clinical relevance, attention is paid to include a diverse group of lecturers with expertise in both clinical health care and academic research, in various subjects related to dementia.

Students who successfully complete the first three courses and commenced their studies in course four, are welcome to Stockholm for a final examination and graduation ceremony.

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