23-year old Saga Wahlström from Mälardalens högskola and 20-year old Michelle Ena from Novia University of Applied Sciences are awarded the Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2016. The award is given to a nursing student that comes up with an idea that could improve the care of elderly.

The jury appointed Saga to be the Swedish 2016 scholar with the following motivation:

”An app-based language and communication support is modern and meets a large need for everyone within health care. The idea is well thought through and structured in a way that shows Saga’s curiosity and creativity, Saga will be a good role model and worthy scholar.”

Saga Wahlström, a 23 year old from Enköping, is on her second year studying nursing at Mälardalens Högskola in Västerås. Saga will receive an honourable mention from Her Majesty Queen Silvia during the spring of 2017 together with scholars from both Finland and Poland.

In Finland the jury has decided that the scholarship will be given to Michelle Ena with the following motivation:

“Michelle’s idea on how vital body functions can be monitored would promote elderly’s feeling of safety, and provide caregivers with more information to improve their treatment and care. Michelle has considered many aspects and problems that could be solved with her idea. She is a good ambassador for the scholarship, an excellent role model for other nursing students and has a genuine interest in the care of the elderly.”

Michelle Ena is 20 years old and studies nursing at Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vasa, Finland. Michelle started her studies in 2015 and already has experience with working with elderly and people with dementia.

Queen Silva Nursing Award was founded in 2013 and aims to meet the future challenges within elderly care by providing ideas and competencies that promote good and sustainable care with focus on the elderly. The goal is to increase the status of the nursing degree as well as the profession of nursing.

The scholarship awards 50 000 SEK / 6 000 € and provides the opportunity for the scholar to participate in an internship within the health- and caregiving sector, national and international placements provide by partners of the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to a nursing student that contributes with an idea that can improve the care of elderly. This year, nursing students from both Finland and Sweden contributed with over 400 ideas. The ideas were  ranked by the students themselves after which a jury, made up by partners within the health sector, chose the final scholars.

The scholarship has been established with Forum for Elderly Care and our collaboration partners who represent all aspects of the health- and caregiving industry; Main partner Finland: Sopimusvuori, Founding partners: Aleris, Folkhälsan, The Swedish Order of St. John, SCA, The Swedish Association of Health Professionals, Partners: Elekta, Ersta Hospital, Eli Lilly, Finnish Nursing Association, Innopinion, Nordnet, Sjuksköterskeföreningen i Finland, Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, The Swedish Society of Nursing, and Viking Line.


Saga Wahlström


Michelle Ena