SCI Model For Elderly Care

continuous learning sci model for elderly care

Providing insights and guidance into long-term care concepts, properties and business opportunities with our Model For Elderly Care.

Swedish Care International is dedicated to innovating, shaping, developing and contributing to the implementation of an effective model for elderly care. The expertise gained by synthesizing, conceptualizing and leveraging the Swedish elderly care experience into new contexts and environments is the basis for the SCI Model For Elderly Care.

Around the world, nursing homes are being built and developed at an unprecedented rate to meet the demands of a growing elderly population. While opening a nursing home requires investments in time, resources and efforts which vary depending on local conditions, long-term challenges are overwhelmingly similar regardless of environments:

  • A need to safeguard reputation to attract residents and personnel
  • A need to innovate and develop caring skills, motivation and engagement amongst staff to improve retention and reduce churn
  • A need to enhance communications, trust and confidence with residents and their family members
  • A need to boost financial performance while securing regulatory compliance

These concerns are firmly rooted in SCI’s Model For Elderly Care. We consider your success holistically, with its place in the broader economy and community, and the lives of guests, residents and their families. In an arena where everything matters for the well-being of the aged client, it is imperative that expertise and experience is leveraged to achieve the best possibility for great outcomes.

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