Ageing and Business Awareness

“If one could summarize the 20thcentury as the period of global population growth, then the 21stcentury will be that of global population ageing”

The world is ageing at an unprecedented rate with the proportion of elderly over 60 years of age expected to increase from the current 10% to between 24% – 45% of the global population by the end of the century. This in turn generates urgent needs and significant challenges for society and the global economy. Stakeholders from government, NGOs and businesses must be appropriately prepared to address this demographic shift and how it will impact

By using key components of the SCI Model For Elderly Care, SCI engages in these parties to improve their awareness, response and administration of structures and activities to create opportunities with the ageing population. SCI collaborates with businesses and organizations to build knowledge and processes of dementia- and elderly-supportive organizations, as well as physical spaces in which they may feel supported and engagement.

In doing so, our collective response will create the foundation for inclusive, diverse, affordable and available opportunities for the elderly as well as those who seek to engage with this demographic.


  • Bespoke seminars on demographic change and business – SCI provides seminar topics on demographic change and the business opportunities for organizations who are eager to demonstrate leadership and ambitions in capturing the fastest growing market in the world


  • Women, Caregiving and Ageing– Internationally, the bulk of caregiving of ageing relatives is performed by women. In the UK alone, 19% of women caregivers have had to quit their jobs to prioritize caregiving; and women are 2.5 times more likely to provide intensive, 24-hour care for people with dementia. In the recent years, employers have made strides in addressing family challenges such as child-care and financial planning – but how can senior care be addressed more effectively for women employees?


  • Diversity, Inclusion and Ageism– In the US alone, it is predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 25% of workers will be at least 55 years old by 2019, and people are not retiring at traditional ages anymore. Creating age diverse and inclusive working environments will be the new normal.


  • Branding Opportunities–  For organizations with aspirational ambitions, SCI certifies organizations as elderly- and dementia supportive by conducting an audit of proceses and procedure; to creating teams with ambassadors to support vulnerable clients. We create uniquely creative campaigns for organizations to profile their ambitions towards the elderly. Contact us to learn more.