Advisory and Management Support

SCI’s advisory professionals assist clients through a range of services relating to nursing home management, talent development and market analysis. Together these services can help address your strategic needs throughout the value cycle of creating growth, managing governance and enhancing performance. SCI has coached leaders in improvement methods, brought clarity to the change process and delivered tangible and sustainable improvements to solve complex problems for businesses operating within the dementia and elderly sphere.

Areas of expertise includes but is not limited to:



“The quality of care given to those with dementia

can only be as good as the quality of knowledge of the healthcare professional.”


SCI’s knowledge audit process does more than just assess the elderly and dementia-care ability within teams. It gives organizations a richer understanding of your knowledge “health.” Based on our client’s operational characteristics and performance profile, SCI provides transparent analyses to examine potential knowledge gaps so that organizations are in better position to lift skills and provide better outcomes in patient care.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Basics in ageing
  • Brain health and diseases
  • Dementia basics
  • Behavioral management and symptom control
  • Relationships and sexuality
  • Nutrition, eating environments and food
  • Effective communication
  • End-of-life care
  • Etc.


At SCI, we understand that the arena of elderly and dementia care encompasses its own opportunities, issues and challenges. Our experts enable targeted, industry-specific experience and guidance. By focusing on your challenges along with a deep appreciation of local parameters means that we can deploy top professionals who have intimate experience of your business challenges while ensuring solid delivery.

With our strong foundation in Swedish healthcare philosophy, industry experience and first-hand exposure to similar operating obstacles, SCI is uniquely poised to give expert recommendation in the smooth, sustainable, and cost-effective operations of your organization. Realise efficiency gains through operational restructuring, improved processes and more effective information and symptom management. And with better operating practice comes greater confidence from stakeholders such as clientele to business partners and authorities.


As organizations grow and become more encompassing with their operations, it becomes increasingly important to develop a holistic mindset and a coordinated approach to manage their ambitions and trajectory. SCI assists our clients in improving and transforming business performance through strategic and operational reengineering, sales training, concept development and better leveraging tech opportunities in healthcare.

Let us know how SCI can help you and your organization.

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