New scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2017

From left, our new scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2017: Rebecca Eriksson (Sweden), Berit Ehmann (Germany), Katri Sajama (Finland), Aldona Reczek-Chachulska (Poland)

On 23rd December 2017, we announced the new scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2017. This year, we have Rebecca Eriksson from Sweden, Katri Sajama from Finland, Aldona Reczek-Chachulska from Poland and Berit Ehmann from Germany. Congratulations!

These four nursing students will be each awarded a scholarship of approximately € 6,000 in addition to a unique individually tailored internship programme. During the internship, the scholars will have the opportunity to learn about healthcare and care of elderly from various viewpoints both in their home country as well as in an international environment.

The scholars were chosen through a selection process where nursing students from all over Finland, Germany, Poland and Sweden sent in their ideas on innovations to improve the care of elderly. This year, we received more than 1000 ideas on the application platform, out of which the jury selected Rebecca, Katri, Aldona and Berit as the top ones. The new scholars will receive the award from Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden during a ceremony in Stockholm in Spring 2018.

Once again, we would like to congratulations the four new scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2017!

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you more about each winning idea.

Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Queen Silvia Nursing Award aims to contribute to meeting the future challenges within elderly care by providing new ideas and competencies within the elderly care sector. The goal of the scholarship is also to increase the status of the nursing degree and encourage creative nursing students who are driven by change and innovation.

Forum for Elderly Care and Swedish Care International founded the Queen Silvia Nursing Award scholarship together with a group of collaboration partners as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia in 2013. Since the initial launch in Sweden, the scholarship is now available in Finland, Poland and Germany as well.

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