Caroline Key Swedish Care International

The Knowledge Transfer team is excited to welcome Caroline Key, our new Elderly and Dementia Care Expert and Content Developer for E-learning. She will be spearheading the curriculum development of SCI’s new suite of e-learning courses to be launched in early-2019.

Prior to working for SCI, Caroline has built a rich portfolio of experiences in the dementia and elderly care field. Starting as a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom, she went on to obtain a teaching degree and accumulate wide expertise in teaching, developing health care programs and higher education. Having undergone the Silvia Nursing Programme in Dementia Care at Sophiahemmet University, she is currently a Silvia Nurse, well-equipped with the expertise and know-how in Swedish dementia and elderly care.

Adding on to her impressive résumé, Caroline has also worked as a lecturer within the nursing division at Karolinska Institutet, and more recently in 2017, she worked in Malta with a start-up for a Swedish nurse consulting company.  Caroline is also skilled in international health care and higher education projects, and has worked as a programme director for medical and health care programmes as well as a project manager for many international dementia studies.

On top of her work for SCI, Caroline is currently developing a specialised education programme in dementia care for nurses in Cameroon, Africa.

We believe Caroline’s vast experience in the dementia and elderly care field will prove valuable and beneficial to your organisations. We will be actively working with Caroline to launch our new e-learning courses in early-2019. The new courses will be more interactive, adapted to individual learner’s needs and much more effective! Stay tuned!