Memory Box! is now released as a communication tool for caregivers, family and friends of people living with dementia. The application contains visual, written and musical inspiration from the 20th century. Memory Box! is launched as a memory aid that supports social interaction.

The essence of the functionality of Memory Box! is to deliver conversation inspiration in the shape of images of famous people, places, events and historical moments as well as conversation starters. The purpose of this library of content is to inspire conversations about a persons youth and life story.

One of the keys to activating long-term memory is music and therefore the app features an extensive adapted music library with hit music divided in to decades and genres, like for example movie soundtracks. The music is made available using Spotify’s technology and service. In the app it is also possible to create a scrapbook of memories for each individual user – making the tool as useful in a professional care setting as in the interaction between family members.

”Today, Memory Boxes exist as a physical tool, and is today considered a validated treatment and therapy method within dementia care. However, there is a total absence of a digital version. The possibility to easily access this tool through a phone or tablet is unique.” says Hanna Davidsson from Swedish Care International (SCI). ”By making memory box available digitally, we aim to contribute to meeting the social needs of interaction between caregivers, relatives and individuals with cognitive impairment.”

The application is released by SCIs non-profit organization Forum for Elderly Care. SCI has previously released two applications, Elderly Care and Dementia Support. Applications which are currently used in over a 100 countries worldwide.

About Memory Box!

Free of charge and now available on the global App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). For more information about the application and the opportunity to download Memory Box! today, go to:

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