Everyday Leadership for Nursing Home Managers

Developing everyday leadership skills of the existing and new nursing homes is an effective way of improving quality and performance with limited resources.

Purpose and goal

As the global population is ageing rapidly, the need for proper caregiving is growing. The new situation requires coordination of the assessment of care needs, care planning, performing care actions and following up on care results, and hence a database for patient outcomes, together with qualified management.

The course aims at introducing best practices and new leadership approaches to nursing home managers.

Target group

Nursing home managers.

Course content

The course is based on real-life examples of challenges in nursing home management. Participants share their experience and are provided with best practices from nursing homes in Sweden and other countries, where the ageing challenges over time have been prioritized.

These best practice environments are characterized by the ability to break out of “Vicious Circles” in nursing home management and instead to establish positive “Development Circles”
where the nursing home can benefit from the reinforcing powers of positive response and feedback.
The key issues addressed in the training are:
  • The needs of the nursing home residents as the core of the work performed at the nursing home.
  • Nursing home leadership empowerment to adapt care processes to the residents’ needs as well as to leverage the staff profile and motivation within the given economic constraints.
  • Teamwork, respect, learning and development as crucial for effective operations at the nursing home.
The tools and techniques presented at the training allow for introducing positive change to the nursing home through everyday leadership.

Time and place

The training is carried out in a time and place agreed with the participants’ Organisation.


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