Dementia for Business e-learning course

The aim of this scenario-based interactive e-learning course is to provide Your Organization’s employees with basic knowledge on dementia care. The program describes the essential features of dementia diseases by focusing on common challenges, as well as provides grounds for a person-centered care approach. 

Target group

Sales representatives working with institutional clients and other personnel who require basic understanding of dementia and its symptoms.

Program objectives

On completing the program, the participants will:

  • Know what dementia is and what the most common dementia diseases are.
  • Understand the special challenges in caring for a person with dementia.
  • Understand what is important and most effective in caring for a person with dementia.
  • Understand what the person-centred care means, and why it is important in dementia care.
  • Be comfortable in selling Your Company’s products and solutions to customers who provide dementia care.

Program content

  1. Normal ageing processes
  2. What is dementia?
  3. Dementia stages and their specific challenges
  4. Person-centered care guidelines

Course format

  • Interactive scenario-based online course
  • Available on computer, tablet and mobile devices
  • Self-paced learning, duration of approximately 1 hour
  • Language: English (with the possibility of translation to other languages)

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