E-learning courses

Swedish Care International is proud to introduce our new suite of e-learning courses, geared towards care professionals and organizations adjacent to the care industry.

With proprietary curriculum developed by our resident dementia expert, Silvia Nurse Caroline Key M.Sc., our courses are grounded in a person-centered care philosophy, focused on providing practical and actionable knowledge to the learner.

Our courses deliver a modern and highly engaging learning experience, making use of cutting-edge trends such as micro-learning, gamification, adaptive learning, and interactive video. All content is available for mobile devices. Hosted on our learning management system, SCI provides access to a transparent reporting tool, allowing organizations to track learner progress and return on investment (ROI) in real time.

Learners who successfully complete their courses receive a digital certificate. Certification is also available on an organizational level.

Courses can be easily adapted through tailored combinations of available content modules, and with custom modules to support organizational values and priorities.

Please watch the video below to get an impression of our e-learning!

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