E-learning courses

To spread Swedish best practices and knowledge in elderly and dementia care internationally we are actively developing various online education solutions.

  1. For care and educational organisations, we suggest SCI Learning Partner Program or tailored e-learning courses.
  2. For business organisations, we have developed a special e-learning course Dementia for Business for salesforce, client support and product development teams.
  3. For individuals, we suggest short e-courses on our global platform dementiaforum.org.

Our courses are:

  • Based on Swedish knowledge and experience.
  • Referring to real-life scenarios.
  • Experience- based.
  • Multi-device responsive.
  • Interactive.
  • LMS-compatible

Watch below one example of our own e-learning solutions


SCI Learning Partner Program (Elderly and Dementia Care for Caregivers)

The program contains of a package of different interactive e-learning courses in elderly care and dementia care with the key information for caregivers working in elderly care institutions, providing home care or family members.

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Tailored e-learning courses

Courses are developed for nursing, MedTech or other organisations and are developed to meet the needs of the specific organisation (e.g. focusing on specific challenges or providing cases directly related to organisation activities). It is possible to enhance the course with blended learning solutions like webinars and consultations, as well as carry out group workshops to enrich the learning.

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Dementia for Business

A growing number of elderly care home residents have dementia or a cognitive disorder. This poses many challenges to care providers, but also to those who supply care institutions with products and services. Swedish Care International has thus designed a scenario-based interactive e-learning course to provide such companies with essential knowledge on dementia care.

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