On 30th May 2018, we invited our partners of Dementia Forum X to the Dementia Forum X Working Meeting 2018. Dementia Forum X is a global initiative to take action on dementia. The biennial meeting in Stockholm is a day of reflections and discussions between a hundred of the world’s leading business executives, policymakers and other stakeholders from different fields.

The Dementia Forum X Working Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden, and aimed to follow-up on the conclusions from Dementia Forum X 2017 and to set new guidelines and discussion points for the next meeting in 2019. The one-day working meeting turned out to be very fruitful and insightful for our partners and us.

Dr. Karin Lind-Mörnesten

Dementia Forum X Working Meeting 2018 opened with an introduction by Dr Karin Lind-Mörnesten, CEO of Swedish Care International. Ludvig Mörnesten, Deputy Managing Director of Swedish Care International then followed up with an overview of the Dementia Forum X project. In his presentation, he shared how Dementia Forum X has grown since 2015 and how it made its first international expansion into Japan in 2018. The Dementia Forum X Japan meeting, which happened on April 24, was then presented in greater depth by Hiroshi Nishino, Chairman of 3I Intelligent Initiative. He gave a summary of the event (you can find a summary of Dementia Forum X Japan here) and explained why the collaboration in Dementia Forum X is of crucial importance in Japan. Lastly, he expressed his delight at the success of Dementia Forum X Japan and he looked forward to hosting the second one in 2020.

hiroshi nishino

The meeting continued with a number of presentations and interviews by several distinguished guests. Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International, gave a factual outlook on the situation about dementia around the world in her presentation Where Are We Now? Dementia Response in 2018. She also highlighted the all-important need to raise awareness and find solutions to the existing challenges of dementia.

paola barbarino

Next, Prof. Miia Kivipelto and Prof. Bengt Winblad from Karolinska Institutet gave several examples of progress and setback in dementia research in their interview Global Dementia Research Trends: Recent Achievements, Fails and Future Directions with Ludvig Mörnesten, who acted as a moderator. The speakers also shared their optimistic hopes for the future of dementia research.

Professor Bengt Winblad and Professor Miia Kivipelto

Concluding the series of presentation, Prof. Anders Wimo from Karolinska Institutet talked about how the world needs greater financing to combat dementia and other healthcare problems. In his presentation Financial Constraints in Dementia and Healthcare Sectors, he estimated that dementia would cost the world 2 trillion dollars in 2030, up from 1 trillion dollars that it cost today. He ended his speech by stressing the need for greater intervention by financial institutions to cope with the rising cost.

Professor Anders Wimo

After a short coffee break with some snacks, we continued the working meeting with group discussions on the conclusions from Dementia Forum X 2017. During the discussion, we posed several questions on topics, such as Awareness, Innovation, Research and Financing, to our partners. After the discussion, the ambassadors of each group then presented their findings and insights to the rest of the guests.

discussion at dementia forum x working meeting

Following the group discussions, we gathered our partners’ feedback on the past Dementia Forum X meetings and their recommendations for improvements on future meetings. We were glad to learn that our partners have been satisfied with the progress of Dementia Forum X so far, as they shared their aspirations and goals for Dementia Forum X.


Our guests also had a ‘surprise’ visit by Kristian Halfwordson, who shared his ambition to cycle around the world in two years. The project was initiated in collaboration with Dementia Forum X and Alzheimer Foundation with the goal of raising funds for dementia research and dementia awareness globally. Starting in Stockholm on September 1, 2018, he will travel 40,000 km across Europe, Asia and Latin America. At Dementia Forum X 2019, we plan to have a live stream with Kristian who will then be cycling in Asia.

Kristian Halfwordson

Our guests then broke for lunch at the highly-rated Oaxen Slip and a quick photo-taking session after that.

dementia forum x working meeting

After lunch, we returned to the tables to discuss and set the guidelines for our next Dementia Forum X meeting. It was a constructive discussion as everyone came up with interesting topics to explore, pressing questions and issues to raise during Dementia Forum X 2019. Taking into account these guidelines, we will adapt Dementia Forum X 2019 accordingly to target the most urgent challenges of dementia today.

Chris lynch

Dr Karin Lind-Mörnesten then capped off Dementia Forum X Working Meeting 2018 by summarising the conclusions from the day and gave some final remarks and hopes for the future.

The day eventually concluded with a visit to the Skansen Akvariet, where our guests had the unique opportunity of touring and dining at the aquarium.

dementia forum x working meeting at skansen-akvariet

We would like to thank every partner who was present at the Dementia Forum X Working Meeting 2018 and shared their perspectives and experiences with us. The meeting would not have been successful without the active participation of each partner.

We are currently compiling a report with a detailed summary of our discussions and insights from Dementia Forum X Working Meeting 2018. If you want to be the first to receive it, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below!