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Online is now and the future

The Internet has changed the way we look for information these days. Today, we are more proactive in learning and seeking out information for ourselves. In two separate studies conducted in Europe (in 2014) and USA (in 2013), it was estimated that 59% of adults had looked for health-related information online in the past 12 months. Among this percentage, the majority searched for general information on health-related topics or ways to improve their health and information on a specific injury, disease, illness or condition. With a growing focus being placed on self-care, we can only expect the number of people who search for health-related information online to increase in the coming years.

The rapid smartphone penetration throughout the world has also attributed to the faster adoption of the Internet and sped up the self-learning and self-care process. In the Digital in 2017 Global Overview report,  it estimated that more than half of the world’s population uses a smartphone today (that’s at least 3.8 billion people!). With health-related information (e.g. symptoms of dementia, caregiving tips) now readily accessible at our fingertips, we do not need to worry as much when we bring a loved one with an illness or dementia outside of the home. Regardless of wherever or whenever we are, we can conveniently open a mobile application or search on Google to find relevant information almost instantaneously.

Digital tools – for you

At Swedish Care International, we recognise this evolving trend in the consumption of health-related information, and we want to make information about elderly and dementia care more available throughout the world. Therefore, we adopted several digital tools, ranging from eLearning courses (for businesses) to mobile applications (for individuals), to share knowledge and the best practices in elderly and dementia care globally. To further our cause via digital projects, we started Geras Solutions — a mobile application for cognitive impairment diagnosis, support and disease management throughout the entire dementia cycle. The mobile application is currently under development.

Below, you will find a list of our existing digital tools for informal and professional caregivers:

  • Dementia Forum: An online website to gain knowledge in dementia and support from fellow caregivers. It features eLearning courses (for individuals), knowledge tests and a discussion forum
  • Memory Box (iOS, Android): A mobile application that serves as a memory aid and conversation inspiration to support relatives and caregivers of those living with dementia
  • Dementia Support (iOS, Android): A mobile application containing information and tips on dementia care
  • Elderly Care (iOS, Android): A mobile application containing information on how to relate to and cope with a loved one as they age

As more people continue to consume health-related information online, we hope to reach out to more people and raise awareness about elderly issues and dementia more effectively around the world by going digital as well. Stay tuned as we introduce new digital projects in the coming months.

This article is also published on our blog, where we bring you facts, tips and tricks for elderly and dementia care. Are you an informal caregiver or someone from an elderly care organisation? There will be something for you (at least in the very near future!)

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