Care for carers

The Care for Carers project partners — from the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey and Austria — met for the last time in Derry, Northern Ireland on 23rd May to conclude the two-year project and to give their final thoughts on it. Under the theme of How can we sustain meaningful relationships in dementia care, each project partner shared their latest updates on improving dementia care in their respective organisations.

Elnta Meragia who was representing Swedish Care International in this project presented our digital and mobile tools that have been developed with the goal to inspire caregivers of an elderly loved one or a person with dementia and to spread knowledge on the best Swedish practices in elderly and dementia care. Among our many digital projects, Memory Box — a mobile app that serves as a conversation starter for caregivers of people with dementia — and Dementia Forum — a website with extensive information on dementia and dementia care — made a great impression on the audience. Many of them also tried and tested them on their own devices and found them to be easy to use.

It has truly been a fulfilling journey — from the conceptualisation of Care for Carers to the development of the website — for us over the past two years. Today, Care for Carers contains many resources on dementia, such as information on the different dementia stages and recommendations for caregivers on how to care for themselves. There are also lists of global organisations and local organisations (depending on the language), where you can find support for people with dementia and their caregivers. In addition, you can download and complete a course handbook with materials based on the content of the website. Upon submission and completion of this introductory course, you will receive a certificate of completion and gain a better understanding of the common symptoms of dementia as it progresses. As part of our goal to spread knowledge about dementia and to make it accessible to as many people as possible, the website has been translated into different languages and is now available in English, Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian and Turkish.