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Download the ABCs of Alzheimer’s Disease ebook

Our ebook on titled ABCs of Alzheimer's Disease published as part of our campaign for World Alzheimer's Month, 2019 can be found here.

October 9th, 2019|

Stiftelsen Silviahemmet Joins the #BeBrainPowerful Campaign

Stiftelsen Silviahemmet (the Silviahemmet Foundation) is honored to be a part of the #BeBrainPowerful Sweden movement.  Maintaining a high quality of life is central to Silviahemmet’s vision, and the first step is preventative care.  For Silviahemmet sharing information with healthcare professionals, policymakers and family members worldwide is a way to ensure that brain health is […]

September 30th, 2019|

What is it Like to Live With Dementia?

Annalena Svensson shares her experience of living with Alzheimer's disease and practical advice on coping with a diagnosis.

September 27th, 2019|

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Ms. Kristina Langhammer, a former nursing manager explains the indispensable value of older workers and how workplaces can be more inclusive.

September 26th, 2019|

How Can We Change the Public Discourse on Dementia?

Dr. Alexandre Kalache shares his advice on changing public attitudes towards dementia, how people in lower and middle-income countries can make brain-healthy lifestyle choices.

September 17th, 2019|

How Can We Find a Cure for Dementia?

Dr. Alois Alzheimer described the condition, for the first time, in 1906. Over 100 years since then, Alzheimer’s disease and some other types of cognitive decline remain without a cure but continue to affect more people each year. To understand the status of research and funding in Sweden, SCI spoke with Ms. Liselotte Jansson, Secretory-General of Alzheimerfonden.

September 16th, 2019|

Cognitive Decline and Implant Care

In our third article on oral health, take a closer look at implant care and diseases and how people living with dementia can be supported in taking good care of their implants.

September 10th, 2019|

What Makes Swedish Dementia Care So Good?

In honor of World Physical Therapy Day which is observed on September 8 to raise awareness of the crucial work which physiotherapists do in society, our colleague at Business Growth, Anukriti Banerjee interviewed Patrik Döl, a physiotherapist and the Head of Operations at Villa Basilika. Here she recounts what she learned from the experience. 

September 9th, 2019|

What Does Dementia Look Like in Zambia?

In Zambia, often people living with dementia do not receive adequate care and support. We spoke with one organization which is trying to change that.

September 6th, 2019|

Active Aging for People Living with Dementia

To understand the role of technology in supporting people living with dementia to age actively, we worked with the divisional managers of Östersund and Nyköping municipalities in Sweden.

August 29th, 2019|