BPSD Program of Care

Purpose and goal

The focus of the BPSD Program of Care is to provide person-centred care to the persons suffering from dementia and BPSD (Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia). The program is based upon the training of care personnel, followed by patient observation, analysis and planning in an effort to measure, manage and reduce the prevalence of BPSD.

The programme is aimed at organisations that are interested in using BPSD Care concept in their organisation, or can represent BPSD Care in their local markets as a Partner organisation. As a Partner organisation, you will need to train and manage one or more Certified Trainers as well as market and sell BPSD Program of Care.

In Sweden, BPSD Program of Care is used in over 7000 care units by over 28 000 care workers. Over 45 000 persons suffering from dementia have benefited from BPSD Program of Care.

Why this programme?

  1. A package that includes:
    • Knowledge, experience and passion
    • A certified education and development program
    • Web-based tool for registration and analysis
    • Continual support and improvements
    • International co-operation
  2. Audit shows that BPSD Program of Care:
    • Reduces the frequency and severity of BPSD
    • Reduces the use of medications (e.g. neuroleptics) and falls in patients with BPSD
    • Allows health professionals to work in an evidence-based manner and evaluate their care interventions
    • Allows the health care team to work towards the same goal and provide support and safety for the patient
  3. Nursing homes improve the quality of care, reduce costs and sick leave of workers, and have access to an efficient management tool
  4. Care workers benefit from higher competence and motivation, decreased stress and attacks
  5. People with dementia experience better quality of life, receive a person-centred care and become less aggressive
  6. Relatives feel more involved in the care and can receive feedback

Key Information

Target group: Care or training organisations that would like their trainers to deliver training in BPSD Program of Care in their local market, or to apply the programme in their organisation
Format: Face-to-face training program, IT system and report services
Duration: 2-3 days
Maximum number of participants: depending on the needs
Location: Chosen by the participants´ organisation
Language: English/Swedish (with a possibility of using an interpreter for other languages)

Education providers

  Swedish Care International
BPSD Care AB, a Swedish healthcare organisation with considerable experience in the care of patients suffering from dementia, a nationally recognised provider of dementia training and knowledge. Swedish Care International (SCI) – an internationally active organisation that develops and exports Swedish best practices in elderly and dementia care. BPSD Program of Care is made available worldwide by SCI.

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