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Swedish Care International – SCI

Making the world’s best dementia and elderly care available worldwide

Swedish Care International (SCI) is an internationally active organization that develops, packages and exports Swedish elderly and dementia care. SCI works to create and spread knowledge and awareness of good dementia and elderly care around the world through global partnerships and the use of digital technologies.

SCI is active throughout various activities and platforms within dementia and elderly care. Our education and training, global awareness projects and digital tools create excellent opportunities for extending the provision of adequate care conditions for elderly patients, those living with dementia and their relatives around the globe.

Since 2006, SCI has trained more than 130 000 people in dementia and elderly care issues in different countries across Europe and Asia. By teaming up with local education partners, SCI shares proper dementia and elderly care knowledge for millions of people around the world. SCI also works with selected partners who represent products and services that contribute to improving conditions for extending good care provision around the world.

A response to the increasing need of knowledge in dementia care

SCI was founded to meet the growing international demand for Sweden’s knowledge and know-how in dementia and elderly care and the care philosophy of Stiftelsen Silviahemmet.

HM Queen Silvia of Sweden had first-hand experience of the great needs of dementia care, thus she set up the Stiftelsen Silviahemmet foundation to develop training and know-how over 20 years ago. Stiftelsen Silviahemmet today is a center of excellence in dementia care and is represented by SCI in the international environment.


Our mission is to deliver the best training, good education and tools for elderly and dementia care at an international level by using research and common practices related to the Swedish experience.


Our vision is to make the world’s best dementia and elderly care that is based on the care philosophy of Stiftelsen Silviahemmet available worldwide.

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