5BRAIN is SCI’s new National Education Partner in South Korea! Our partnership will aim to support each other’s education and training efforts in South Korea and abroad. 5BRAIN will also collaborate with SCI to organize Dementia Forum X in Seoul in 2020. Wherever possible, SCI will support 5BRAIN’s virtual platforms for brain training designed to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

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Founded in 2018 by Sam Jeon, 5BRAIN’s mission is to help people strengthen their brain capabilities through brain training and management. The company  is working actively with the 256 Korean Government Dementia Centers to run Brain Fitness Clubs throughout the country. The first Brain Fitness Club will be launched in December 2019, and subsequently expand nationwide in 2020.

Founder’s Vision

Sam Jeon Founder of 5BRAIN Co. Ltd.

Sam Jeon, Founder of 5BRAIN Co. Ltd.

5BRAIN was started as a result of Mr Jeon’s own struggles. In 2014, Mr Jeon was diagnosed with serious memory impairment. He feared that as a result of his diagnosis, he would encounter stigma and may be dismissed from his job. Fortunately, rigorous brain training exercises helped him overcome his diagnosis and he was able to recover from the condition in two years time. Mr Jeon says that this eye-opening experience inspired him to think about the ways in which he could help others take preventive measures, manage or overcome their diagnoses. As a result, he set up 5BRAIN Co. Ltd. with a vision to make the world a better place for people who have a diagnosis for brain-related diseases such as dementia.

5BRAIN office South Korea

5BRAIN’s office in South Korea

5BRAIN is working with two main concepts: Dementia Index (DI) and Dementia Probability (DP). The aim is to be able to use DI and DP to make better predictions about an individual’s likelihood of developing symptoms of dementia based on his or her lifestyle, diet, and activities. In addition, the big data collected in the process could be used to develop sophisticated dementia insurance products.

With a fertility rate of just 1.17% (far below the sub-replacement level), South Korea’s population is ageing rapidly. The needs of the elderly are growing and there are few institutions in the country which meet them effectively. While overcoming his own diagnosis, Mr Jeon felt that South Korea is still in its foundational stages when it comes to dementia care, and there is not enough knowledge and expertise to meet the growing demands. Thus, there is a need to import knowledge about best practices in elderly and dementia care from elsewhere to South Korea, and to adapt them to fit the local models.

With this in mind, 5BRAIN and SCI have entered a National Education Partner Agreement, while 5BRAIN pursues collaboration on their brain training project with the Korean government. Our collaboration with 5BRAIN focuses primarily on providing knowledge of Swedish Best Practices in the care of older people and people living with dementia.

We look forward to working with 5BRAIN on many exciting projects!